Zoook Airpods-style Bluetooth earphones ZB-Rocker Twin pods

Airpods ear phones

Zoook has launched a new set of earphones which are really different and unique. Till now we have used various kinds of Bluetooth devices but did you ever use air pods as a Bluetooth? This is really a great creativity technique from Zoook. The wireless earphones were started by Apple and Samsung. You might probably know how Samsung’s Gear IconX and Apple’s airpods.

Zoook has recently launched ZB-Rocker twin pods and will be available exclusively at Amazon. The Zoook air pods is a water resistant and is priced at INR 5,499. The ZB-Rocker twinpods from Zoook have extraordinary features like there is no need to wrap the airpods around the ears. It can stay in your ears without any support as it gets fixed in the ear with the help of air grooves.

ZB-Rocker Twin pods

These airpods are specifically designed which are not disturbed by water and even sweat. It comes with the support of Bluetooth 4.2 wireless signal and Zoook claims that the airpods can be used even at 33ft distance from the device. Good news is that, Zoook ZB-Rocker twinpods is compatible with all devices which uses iOS and Android software’s.

There is no need to insert both the airpods as you can even hear with a single airpod. As the airpods are not having any wire connection, it needs to be charged just like a Bluetooth device. For charging the airpods, all you need to do is placing them in a case. The case will charge the airpods when you charge the case with a USB charging cable.


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Zoook twinpods can give you 16 hours of continuous playback after charging it for once. As different people will have different ear sizes and keeping this in view, Zoook has released ZB-Rocker twinpods in three different sizes: Large, Medium and Small.

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