Zee Telugu Gruhapravesam Serial cast & Crew real names, photos

Zee Telugu Gruhapravesam Serial actress names

Zee Telugu Gruhapravesam Serial is the popular serial for Telugu audience. Gruhapravesam Serial cast & crew has got quite some acting skills. Gruhapravesam Serial cast is quite popular and familiar to Telugu people. Gruhapravesam Serial actress is having good acting skills and the characters in the serial are very interesting. Gruhapravesam Serial actress real name is Madhu bala who is playing the role of Vaidehi in the serial.

veteran actress jayalalitha is also playing a key role. Gruhapravesam Serial hero real name is Nirupam who also acts in few other serials in Telugu like Kunkuma Puvvu and few others as well. Gruhapravesam Serial cast real names, Gruhapravesam Serial heroine real name and photos, serial actress Madhubala photos. Checkout Gruhapravesam Serial cast real names and photos.

Gruhapravesam Serial cast real names & photos:

gruhapravesam serial heroine, Vaidehi

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