YouTube won’t show ads on videos with less than 10K views: What to do


YouTube has shocked millions of channels yesterday. It has come up with new rules and restrictions which will affect channels pretty bad. YouTube will not display any ads on the videos which are having less than 10,000 views. For bigger channels it is not a big problem as they can easily get 10k views but for newbies and small channels this is a big blow.

Few years ago YouTube started partner program for everyone who uploads videos on YouTube. Right from the beginning itself YouTube started displaying ads on videos without any restrictions but now the company has taken necessary actions on who can earn money and from when can a person can start earning.

YouTube recently stated in its blog post that “When a creator hits 10k views then we will review his status and then add them to partner program. Until a creator hits 10k views he won’t be served any ads”. However this is not that hard for longtime creators or professional video creators with thousands and millions of subscribers. YouTube didn’t mention that it needs 10k views per video.

youtube ad policy

It means that overall 10k views for all the videos in your channel. All the videos together can easily hit 10k views if you have created many videos or any powerful and interesting videos. Subscribers count don’t play any part in the YouTube’s new restrictions as it didn’t said 10k subscribers but it asked for 10k views. But this is a real problem for newbies and small channels that are growing slowly.

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Newbies can’t earn until they cross 10k views overall and this is really terrible. But for YouTube this is a great thing as they can save their revenue and now it says that only the creators who play by our rules get paid. Be fair and get paid is the YouTube’s new policy. So if you are having less number of views then you better create some interesting or powerful videos to get 10k views faster. You can also try paid marketing for getting more views.

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