Yogeshwar Dutt’s Bronze Medal stays as Bronze only as it won’t be upgraded to Silver….


It seems like Yogi’s chance of having his London Olympics medal upgraded from bronze to silver has come to an end on Monday after the International Olympic Committee decided to stop the investigation on the wrestler who allegedly tested positive for a banned steroid which he should not use.

Russia’s Besik Kudukhov has won the silver medal in the London Olympics freestyle 60kg category and Dutt has won Bronze medal in the same category. After four years since the London Olympics the Russian Wrestling Federation has retested Kudukhov’s sample from the 2012 Olympics and found to be positive for the steroid turinabol.

As there were suggestions that the Kudukhov’s Silver medal has to be returned to Dutt who won Bronze medal in 2012 Olympics, now his chances seems to be eliminated.

However Dutt in one of his statements had stated that he won’t accept the silver medal and he wants it to be stay with Kudukhov’s family as his remembrance and honor as Kudukhov died in the same year 2012 in a car accident. Dutt also stated that “For me Humanity is important rather than medals”.

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