Xiaomi WeLoop Hey 3S Smart watch price: Fitness tracker

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Xiaomi has launched a new smart watch which looks almost similar to Apple’s watch. Xiaomi WeLoop Hey 3S is the latest smart watch from Xiaomi and yeah the name of this smart watch is a bit lengthy.  Xiaomi WeLoop Hey 3S has got some cool features with a stylish look and appearance. This new WeLoop Hey 3S is the perfect rival for Apple’s watch even though there is a massive price difference.

Xiaomi’s WeLoop Hey 3S is priced at just Rs 5,000. The smart watch is available exclusively in Xiaomi’s MIJIA crowdfunding platform. There is no official news on the availability of WeLoop Hey 3S in other E-Commerce platforms. The best thing about WeLoop Hey 3S is its battery lasts for almost 30 days and this pretty amazing as many smart watches doesn’t have enough battery life.

The smart watch also gets GPS and also a 9-axis motions sensors. The watch is very light weight and weighs around 38 grams. WeLoop Hey 3S features 1.28-inch display glass. This is a dual watch as along with time it also shows certain fitness results. You can now check the distance travelled and also monitor your heart rate which is very important.

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Xiaomi WeLoop Hey 3S also got a Bluetooth and another unique thing in WeLoop Hey 3S is it has a support for wireless charging. Now charge your smart watch without using any charging wire. Xiaomi’s WeLoop Hey 3S has set a new trend and goal for its challengers. Just like Apple watch, even WeLoop Hey 3S is also a water-resistant and can work even under water up to 50m. The color options include Black, Green and Red. Xiaomi WeLoop Hey 3S will now rival with even the latest Acer leap Ware fitness tracker.

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