Xiaomi Mi Headphones Comfort price, specs: What’s cool in it

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Xiaomi has launched a new set of headphones which are priced at Rs 2,999. The new Xiaomi Mi Headphones comfort is the latest headphones from Xiaomi which comes as wired headphones. Xiaomi will officially launch the headphones in its official website mi.com from April 18th. In India the sale will start from 12:00PM IST. Xiaomi is simultaneously concentrating on other segments too along with just smartphones.

Manu Kumar tweeted in twitter saying that “Mi fans; something new is about to come today and it is way too cool and it makes us to feel comfortable”. Later Xiaomi announced that it will soon launch its new headphones in India. These headphones will be sold exclusively in mi.com and there are no news on its availability on other e-commerce stores.

Xiaomi Mi Headphones comfort features

Well, first things first! Xiaomi Mi headphones comfort is not a wireless headphones but it is a wired headphones. These new headphones from Xiaomi are light weighted and are extensively designed for music lovers. Mi headphones comfort is integrated with a cool headband and ultra-soft PU leather ear cups. The headphones totally eliminate the sound leakage and provide better experience in hearing music.

Xiaomi Mi headphones comfort has a descent 3.5mm jack and that’s pretty good news about it. The audio jack is compactable with almost all the portable devices like smartphones, laptops, desktops, tablets and other music players. Wait! There’s a lot more than just hearing to music like ordinary headphones! The headphones support few cool and smart gestures with which you can control many features of the headphones comfort.

A single press on left ear cup will answer the calls while pressing thrice will help you to get back to the last music track. Similarly you can also control play/pause with a slight press on the ear cup. This way there is no need to use mobile or any device to control the options. The headphones have a 1.4 meter long TPE stretchable cable which can be flexible according to your needs.

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The headphones feature a sensitivity of 107db with 32ohm speaker impedance. The frequency range of Mi headphones comfort has a frequency range starting from 20 to 40,000 hertz. The headphones are also dirt and heat resistant. It has a stylish and sexy appearance with matte finish on outside.

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