Xiaomi to create 20,000 new jobs in India: Xiaomi to start new plant in AP

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The Chinese giant is all set to create a whopping 20,000 jobs exclusively in India. Xiaomi has done a business of $1 billion in India itself. The Chinese smartphone maker has entered India three years back in 2014 and has earned a place for Xiaomi mobiles in Indian smartphone market. Xiaomi founder Lei Jun stated that India is one of the major markets for Xiaomi and it will create more than 20,000 jobs in India.

Xiaomi is has released many top smartphones in India. Xiaomi smartphones like Redmi 4A, Redmi Pro 2, Mi 6, Redmi 5, Redmi Note 4X and few other smartphones. Lei also said that Xiaomi has got a huge success in online market but it is aiming to improve its offline presence. According to a report, Xiaomi is in first place in Indian online smartphone market.

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Xiaomi is already having a manufacturing plant in India which was started in 2015. Xiaomi’s 75% phones are being manufactured in India and are also exporting to other foreign markets as well. However 95% of Xiaomi phones which were sold in India are manufactured in India itself. After its tremendous victory in the Indian smartphone online market, Xiaomi announced that it would start a new manufacturing plant in Andhra Pradesh.

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This new plant will be the second plant for Xiaomi in India. The first manufacturing plant of Xiaomi has over 5,000 employees from the surrounding 100 villages. The plant is helping many poor people to build their lives and the best thing is 90% of the employees in the plant are women. The new plant will be developed by partnering with Taiwanese giant Foxconn. Xiaomi is now aiming to produce one phone per second in the working hours of the plant.

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The technology used in the plant is very advanced and will also help the employees in doing simple and easy work. Many other facilities are also provided for the employees in the plant. However 20,000 jobs is really great news for the unemployed people in India. Even though Xiaomi is ranking higher in India it is losing its position in its own Chinese market. In China, Xiaomi’s current rank is fourth as there was a drop in sales by 22%. Even in the global smartphone market it was dropped to seventh place with 16% downfall in sales.

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