Xiaomi 90 minute Ultra smart shoes with Intel curie SoC: A smart running shoes from Xiaomi

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Till now you might have heard or used Xiaomi smartphones but did you ever used a Xiomi running shoe? Xiaomi is one of the top smartphone manufacturers in China and it also sells its products across the globe. However Xiaomi also deals into various other businesses. Xiaomi has few sub-brands under it and MiJia is one of the shoes designing company which operates under Xiaomi.

New Xiaomi MiJia running shoes have been launched and these shoes are not just running shoes. These MiJia running shoes comes with a smart technology. These smart shoes from Xiaomi can give you a detailed report of your walking and running time. These shoes can also detect even if you jump or climb anything and this is possible with an Intel Curie chip inserted in the shoes.

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These Xiaomi 90 minute Ultra smart shoes will be a great advantage for the athletes and sports people. The MiJia smart running shoes are developed by the Shanghai International Science and technology Institute and is exclusively designed by keeping athletes in view. With the help of these shoes, athletes can know how much time they walked and how much time they have run.

The MiJia 90 minute Ultra running shoes also have various other features like antibacterial removal sole, air cushion and are comfortable for a perfect running. The chip inserted in the shoes comes with Bluetooth module and a charging point. Yes, you need to charge your shoes! But don’t worry as there is no need to charge every day. A single charge can give you 60 days of battery life.

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Good news is that, the Xiaomi smart running shoes are available in loads of different colors. You can pick your own choice of color. The Xiaomi’s 90 minutes Ultra smart running shoes are priced at $43. Xiaomi is trying to strengthen its businesses in various categories. The MiJia smart running shoes are one of the major products for Xiaomi after smartphones.

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