WWE WrestleMania 33 results and highlights: Seth Rollins and Triple H

Seth Rollins and Triple H

The much awaited WrestleMania 33 event is done with many interesting things. She Rollins and Triple H match is quite interesting. This is a match between the WWE authority and the WWE superstar. A year ago Seth Rollins is the WWE authority favorite star and the WWE general manger Stephanie and Triple H helped a lot to Seth Rollins. The Autority, J&J security, Kane, Big show, Randy Orton and Triple H backed up Seth Rollins like never before.

Seth Rollins has got immense support from all of them which made him a good WWE superstar. But few months back everything has changed up! Seth Rollins became the enemy of the authority. When there was a title match of WWE universal championship between Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins, Triple H returned and shockingly he attacked Seth Rollins and helped Kevin Owens which has cost Seth Rollins the WWE Universal championship.

Seth Rollins and Triple H

Later in many occasions Triple H and Seth Rollins attacked each other. Seth Rollins has injured his leg pretty bad and still he is suffering with leg pain. Seth Rollins and Triple H signed a contract at earlier WWE RAW for a match at WWE’s main event WrestleMania 33. Triple H challenged Seth Rollins for WrestleMania 33.

Seth Rollins Vs Triple H

This match is quite interesting as Triple H wife Stephanie was around the ring. She backed up Triple H in few instances when Seth Rollins had his change to take over Triple H. The two WWE superstars have fought very well and at last when Stephanie involved once again, Triple H unfortunately pushed Stephanie from stage and she was hit to the table.

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Seth Rollins cashed the opportunity and gave his signature move to Triple H and finally Seth Rollins has won the match against Triple H. Seth Rollins will remember this match for his entire life as this is a special and must win match for Seth Rollins.

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