WWE superstar Paige biopic “Fighting with My Family” reports, images

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A biopic on a WWE superstar is being filmed by the Rock’s Seven bucks productions and WWE studios jointly. The biopic is based on the top WWE diva Paige. Recently few scenes were shot in the WWE arena when RAW went off the air. The movie will showcase the career, life and the famous wrestling family of Paige. The movie also includes the Paige debut in the WWE.

The interesting aspect of the movie comes when AJ Lee character appears as Paige has won the divas title from AJ Lee in her debut. Fans are eagerly waiting for the movie if it may show the AJ Lee and CM Punk love life too. Paige’s character is being played by actress Florence Pugh and the divas pro wrestling stars, Tessa Blanchard and Thea Trinidad are playing other diva characters that went against Paige at WWE.

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Paige on her twitter stated that “Proud of team Tblanchard, Thea Trinidad and Florence Pugh are killing it awesome, some bad ass b*tches right there”. Paige has made a magnificient debut in WWE and gained lot of fame in a short time. On the Monday night Raw the scenes when Paige defeated AJ Lee were filmed as Thea Trinidad played the role of AJ Lee.

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However there is official confirmation about showcasing the CM Punk and AJ Lee relationship and rivalry of WWE authority and CM Punk. When the film was being filmed in the WWE arena the crowd chanted for CM punk when they heard AJ Lee’s entrance theme song. The movie will portray the names like Vince Vaughn, The Rock, Lena Headey.

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