WWE stars Kofi Kingston & Big E to appear in IPL 10 extra innings

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This is really weird as the former WWE tag team champions will be seen in the 2017 IPL extra innings on May 10th. Kofi Kingston and Big E are visiting India for promoting WWE in the country as there is huge fan base for WWE in India. The new day WWE superstars hold the record for being tag-team champions for record 483 days. No team has been the tag-team champions for that long.

Earlier Kofi Kingston and Big-E had their own ways and matches by themselves. But later they formed as a new team with Xavier Woods and created new-day. Everyone knows the comedy and fun created by new-day in WWE. If you are familiar with WWE then you must’ve heard “New day rocks” chant by the new-day team members: Kofi Kingston, Big-E and Xavier woods.

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However this is the first time WWE superstars appearing in cricket episodes and IPL is the first ever cricket league to showcase WWE superstars. In India WWE and cricket has great following and India is one of the biggest markets for Cricket and WWE. Now we can see cricket and WWE sport coming together with Kofi and Big-E. The WWE superstars will be in India from May 10th to May 12th.

Well this is not the first time WWE superstars visiting India for promoting WWE. Earlier John Cena, Ryback, Kane, Dolph Jigller, Charlotte, Roman Reigns have visited India. Not to mention about the Great Khali who retired from WWE. The Great Khali was once fierce and giant wrestler in WWE who demolished the streak Undertaker in khali’s debut.

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Kofi Kingston and Big-E will be seen in extra innings of IPL 10th season on May 10th. The WWE superstars will appear in the match of Gujarat Lions vs Delhi Daredevils. Cricket and WWE fans are eagerly waiting to see WWE superstars in IPL league.

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