WrestleMania 33: Yes! Yes! Daniel Bryan may return to WWE ring

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You might soon hear yes! Yes! Yes! From Daniel Bryan on his stunning return to WWE ring but not as a General Manager but as a WWE superstar. The former WWE champion says he is fit to make a comeback to WWE in a stunning way. Daniel Bryan was retired after suffering many concussions.

He has undergone almost 10 severe concussions which has cost him his WWE career. Daniel Bryan entered WWE as a NXT Rookie. After coming out of NXT, Daniel Bryan became a WWE superstar when he joined the John Cena team for facing NXT. But Daniel Bryan didn’t had much following at that time, he got real fame when he started his signature dialogue yes! Yes! Yes! And no! No! No!

Audience loved when and cheered yes! Yes! Yes! And Daniel Bryan also partnered with Kane. WWE world loved their combo but later they have got separated. Daniel Bryan now became the WWE Smack down Live general manager helping Shane in developing smack down. Daniel Bryan is now busy in scheduling matches between WWE superstars and entertaining the crowd.

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However Daniel Bryan stated that “the concussions were very severe and sensitive but I’m healthy enough to wrestle again but there are numerous reasons why I can’t wrestle as of now. I can return to WWE ring as a wrestler if my wife Brie thinks I’m healthy and I believe I’m healthy enough to compete”.

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The former WWE superstar said that he wanted compete many WWE superstars like AJ Styles, Braun Strowman and few other WWE wrestlers. However Daniel Bryan is going to become a father. He announced that Brie may deliver a baby by the end of April. Daniel Bryan said he was excited to be a father and he is hoping for more kids in future.

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