She wrapped foil to the teeth and the results were amazing

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We all want a brightening tooth and try to get rid of strains on the teeth. A brightening tooth will add extra beauty to your face. No matter how pretty you are, if your tooth is greenish with stains then it will be like black dot in the white paper. Once if you get strains on your tooth then it is not that easy to remove them from your tooth. People use certain creams and gels but fail to remove the stains and moreover some creams may lead to cavities.

So a woman in London tried something new suggested by her dentist and the results were quite amazing. She successfully removed the dark stains on her teeth. She wrapped a foil to her teeth but she just didn’t wrap a foil. She applied baking soda on the foil and wrapped to her teeth. You can also apply toothpaste to the foil and wrap around your teeth. Wrap the foil to the tooth and leave it for about one hour. After one hour remove the foil carefully and wash off your mouth thoroughly.

Follow this procedure for one week and get an amazing brightening tooth. But you should have patience for almost one hour after wrapping the foil to your teeth. Because you can’t eat anything and you can’t even talk properly. So just hold on for one hour if you want a white flashing tooth. A shining tooth will be an added advantage to your face. But however this process is not that easy if you have any tooth decays as the sensation will be a bit painful and you may feel uncomfortable.

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If you feel uncomfortable then you can also try the banana trick. Apply the banana peel to your teeth and wash off after 30 minutes. Follow this procedure for one week and see the results. This will not affect your tooth decays and is not painful. You can wash off anytime if you are busy due to any work.

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