The world’s highest bridge beipanjiang bridge opened on 29th December, 2016


The world’s highest bridge has successfully completed its construction and was opened on 29th December, 2016. Beipanjiang bridge in china became the world’s highest bridge ever. The Beipanjiang bridge remains as one of the greatest constructions in China. As Beipanjiang bridge stands at first, the second and third highest bridges in the world are also in China.

This Beipanjiang bridge will link Guizhou and Yunnan provinces in China. The Beipanjiang bridge will reduce the travelling time for vehicles. Before the bridge was constructed, the vehicles have to travel all the way around. But now after the construction of this bridge, the travelling time was reduced to two hours which was five hours earlier. The Beipanjiang bridge has a wide four-lane road.

The Beipanjiang bridge construction costs over 1 billion yuan (USD 144 million). It has taken several years to finish the construction of this bridge.


The world’s highest bridge

bridge beipanjiang

bridge beipanjiang bridge

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