The world’s first “tree girl” gets treatment in Bangladesh: First women ever with skin disorder

tree girl

You might have seen trees and girls but have you ever see a tree girl? In Bangladesh a small girl has bart-like warts on her face. She is the first female on the planet with such a rare skin disorder. There were few men who afflicted with this rare syndrome but there’s never a female with this syndrome.

Sahana Khatan is a 10 year old Bangladeshi girl who got a rare skin disease. She is suffering with tell-tale gnarled growths which are coming out from her face. She has these roots all over her chin, nose and ears. She was admitted in the Dhaka Medical College. The doctors are still examining her skin dis order. Very few people around the world have epidermodysplasia verruciformis but none of them are women.

Doctors said that she is the first girl with this rare skin problem. Sahana’s father is a poor labor in Bangladesh; he didn’t worry in the initial stage of her skin problem when she was a child as the roots were very tiny and he used few medicines. But later as Suhana Khatan grew, her roots also grew along with her age. Her father was frightened and brought her to hospital in Dhaka.

 First women ever with skin disorder

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Suhana Khatan’s father was very poor and the child’s mother passed away when she was five. However the doctors said that she is in starting stage of this rare disease and can be cured within few months. It would be difficult to cure if her disease is in advanced stage. The doctors in the hospital have cured a man with same disease earlier with 16 surgical procedures.

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