Working in desk job? Follow these tips to boost your metabolism without any exercises

natural tips to boost your metabolism

Are you doing desk job all day? Well sitting all day causes lot of trouble and many health issues. Studies reveal that people who sit all day has less life expectancy. But however the real problem comes with the excess fat in the body. As the people sit all day and won’t do any sort of work, so metabolism will be very slow and generates extra fat. A survey revealed that people who do desk job has more belly fat than others.

So it is very important to take care of your health and metabolism especially when you are doing a desk job. But the good news for you is, you can boost your metabolism without doing any exercises. For that you need to change some habits when you are in office. Better now than never. Here are the few ways to stay fit while doing a desk job.


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Sitting always is a big curse! You won’t gain anything than a stubborn belly fat. So start standing sometimes at your desk and try to work by standing for some time. Standing will boost your metabolism and according to fitness experts, standing will burn more calories than that of sitting. So stand for a while and after few minutes if you feel leg pains or any back pains then you can sit back.

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boost your metabolism

Walking is always good, which has many health benefits. Walk as much as possible in the office but I didn’t mean to stop working and walk continuously. If you want to talk with colleagues then you better go to their desk instead of talking in phone or texting. Take stairs instead of using lift and go to drink water or tea but avoid getting them at your desk. Eat your lunch at canteen instead of having your lunch at desk itself.


boost your metabolism without any exercises

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Eat healthy food and avoid junk food as much as possible. Don’t go for canteen food when you feel hunger, eat nuts and any protein foods. Junk food will increase the fat levels and takes lot of time to get digested. So eat fibrous and protein food which is good for your health and also boosts your metabolism. Drink as much as water as possible which helps in digesting your food and also has lot of health benefits. Follow these tips every day to enjoy healthy life while working.

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