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Well what do you think a woman finds most attractive in men? Height, physique or dynamic looks are the common things which women may find attractive in men but there are many things other than these which a woman may find attractive in men. A survey report states that many women find attractive qualities other than just height and a good physique. Here are some of the attractive qualities which a woman may find most appealing in men.

  1. Daring and intelligent

Be dashing and intelligent as a woman likes a dashing guy. A woman doesn’t like to be with dumb guys, so be brave and sharp. Always have a desire to learn something new and start living without taking anyone’s help. Women find men attractive when they are strong from both heart and mind. Set goals and reach your goals because women respect a man when he has some willingness to work hard.

  1. A kind hearted

A woman always wants kind hearted man. So be cool and help others which will gain you your crush attention and also respect in the society as you are helping others. Always be positive and spread only positive things or gossips. Never try to bully anyone in front of your crush and stay nice with other. Just show the other good angle in you as a kind hearted when your crush is nearby.

  1. Sense of humor

Spread fun and happiness which is good for your lifestyle and even women find men attractive who has a good sense of humor. Make her laugh and she should not feel bored at any cost when she is around you. But remember, you should not go too far when you are joking as you may end up as a joker which might ruin everything. So stay cool always and try to put on some descent jokes.

  1. Stylish

Always be attractive the way you look. It’s okay if you are dark but make sure that you are trendy. It’s not just a good jeans and a T-shirt there’s much more. A woman can judge a man on the first meet itself, so first impression is the best impression. Remove unwanted hair and have a neat and descent look. If you are ugly without any maintenance then do not wish to women find you attractive.

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  1. Smell good

When you are nearby to your crush make sure you smell good. Both from your mouth and body as well, because if you smell bad your crush will never come nearby. So keep your mouth clean and fresh, use some mouth fresheners if you smell bad from your mouth. Coming to the body, bath well and don’t go crazy with axe or any awful deodorants. Use a pleasant perfume which attracts your crush and makes her to feel to stay around you.

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