What will happen if India and Pakistan goes for a war: Which countries will support India and Pakistan

India and Pakistan goes for a war

India and Pakistan are always rivals and war may come at any time if anything goes wrong. In the past India and Pakistan fought many times but India won all the wars with its majestic military power. But now the situations has changed, if India and Pakistan goes for a war then that’s not all as outside forces would involve in this war.

In past if there was a war in between India and Pakistan then only these two countries would fought the war but now both the countries has frendlies to help them. There is no doubt that Indian military power is far powerful than Pakistan but if a war occurs then both countries will face severe damage both in terms of money and lives.

India has many advanced missiles, war heads, submarines, and aircrafts than Pakistan. But if Pakistan goes to war against India it may not win the war but it will surely cause damage to India. But the real problem for India comes with china. China has a super military power than India and it supports Pakistan if there is a war in between India and Pakistan. China provides all the military power to Pakistan to go against India. China once stated that “Pakistan is their irreplaceable friend”.

But India has much more powerful friends than Pakistan. America and Russia will support India if there is a war against Pakistan. Not only these two countries but some of the European countries will also support India. India has built many missiles with Russia and Russia stands in first to support India. If china involves in the Indo-Pak war then Russia can attack china from north. India also got powerful America to support.

But there is a trouble for India as Russia and America will not support a single cause. If US support India then Russia will withdraw its support to India. However, in such cases Russia may not support Pakistan or china but it won’t support India either. India’s economy is much stronger than Pakistan, so even after a war India can power up soon than Pakistan and can attack Pakistan again if needs to.

india againest pakisthan

In case if there was a nuclear war in between India and Pakistan then it leaves both the countries with severe damage. In the first nuclear strike itself more than 20 million people will be dead which is equivalent with half of the people died in the Worldwar2. The nuclear strike will vanish these two countries and causes climatic damage to other countries as well. Pakistan is increasing its nuclear power every year.

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