You will get shocked if you know what South African players did before WC2003


South African Cricket team is one of the best team in the world but it is a pity that South Africa never bagged a world cup. According to the past reports the South African cricket team struggled a lot to bag the world cup 2003. The whole team had participated in an army training for three days of commando training in forest.

The 15 member’s team has been divided in to groups and taken blindfolded into deep forest. The players were given pencils, balloons, compass and radios for emergency communication. In this training the players were to identify the hidden check points in the deep forests and travelled on hills for almost 10Km.

However the team after a heavy training didn’t even made for super eights, Critics say that next time the South African authorities should train with bat and ball in the stadiums but not in the forests.

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