WikiLeaks: CIA can keep an eye on you with your smartTV, Car, phone, apps


You are watched all the time by CIA! CIA can know every single move you make in your life as it has diversifies sources to monitor you. Your smart TV can turn as a microphone and the CIA can know what you are watching and what you are actually speaking. Your smartphones and the apps which you use can reveal everything about you and gives continuous info to the American spy agency.
According to few sources, CIA can even control your car and that was the power of CIA. A vast 9,000 top secret documents of Central Intelligence Agency have been leaked and this is the first time ever in history. This huge leak has never happened before and this is truly a bad day for the CIA. WikiLeaks stated that majority of the hacking tools and codes used by CIA have been leaked and are now open in the cyber security community.


Majority of the classified documents and the way how CIA works is all known to the world. This huge collection of documents contains several hundred millions of code lines of CIA and it revealed the hacking capacity of the CIA. This is truly an embarrassment for the United States intelligence agency as earlier Edward Snowden exposed the details of National Security Agency (NSA) spying on the United States citizens and their communications.


According to WikiLeaks, CIA has developed around 1000 malware systems which can remove your control on your own devices like, TV, smartphones and even cars. These hacking techniques of the CIA can attack iPhones and androids which are being used by majority of the people in the world. Rumors say that CIA has collected massive info before the encryption has been done in popular apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Weibo and few other apps which are widely used in the entire world.

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This huge leak was committed by the Ex-United States Govt. hackers and few contractors in unauthorized manner. This shows that the CIA cannot protect its own documents and it is holding the confidential information about the people in globally. CIA kept the information of the people which can be used by other hackers illegally. In a statement, US officials stated that WikiLeaks has made as tool to leak the confidential reports of United States and Russia also gained advantage with WikiLeaks as it involved in the US president elections.

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