Whoa! Google’s Allo can reveal your searches to friends: Checkout how

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It looks like Google’s Allo is in big trouble. It was reported that Google’s Allo can reveal your searcers to your friends when you are in a conversation with them. This new privacy issue was brought in to scene by ReCode’s Tess. Google assistant has showcased past search term when Townsend was making conversation with a friend. Tess has earlier searched for Harry Potter and when Tess was in conversations Harry potter name came up in middle of a conversation.

Google Assistant has revealed search history when it should actually show a funny response or any name but it has shown a name with Harry potter and a link to it which was visited earlier. However the issue was taken to Google and it has already resolved the issue. In a statement, Google stated that “we have come to notice the issue and we have fixed the bug and necessary actions will be taken for not repeating this mistake in future”.

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Google Assistant will show a pop-up before sharing some personal information but at some specific times Google Assistant will not ask for any user permission before sharing. Google’s Allo app is also not having end-to-end encryption feature like in WhatsApp and this makes the conversations vulnerable. Third parties can access the personal conversation at any time and this makes unsafe and unprotected of user’s privacy.

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When Google’s Allo was launched, Edward Snowden of IANS stated that “What is Allo? A Google App which will records conversations of the user and reveals it to police when needed”. Stay tuned to mashables.in for all the latest technology news and updates.

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