Whoa! An asteroid passed by earth close enough than moon

asteroid passed by earth

A huge massacre has missed as a mini asteroid passed by earth. An asteroid of a size of 10 floor building has passed by earth with a closer distance. Luckily it didn’t collide with earth and now it has also crossed earth. The asteroid came closer to earth than the distance of moon. This asteroid is undetected by any space center as it is very small.

We can detect bigger asteroids before they collide with earth but it is very difficult to detect small asteroids. These small asteroids cannot be detected due to their size but if these small asteroids collide with earth it will cause a huge damage if it was fallen on a crowded city. In past there are few instances where small asteroids fallen on earth but luckily they were fallen in ocean.

This small asteroid was named as 2017 AG13. The director of International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Center (IAUMPC) Williams stated that “these are quite common but even the small asteroids should be detected as they cause huge damage if they fall in a city. However, millions of small asteroids will be passed by earth”.

The asteroids travel from lakhs and crores kilometers in the outer space, while some asteroids are also bigger than the size of earth and even sun. These asteroids create a huge damage when they collide with any planet. The Space research centers always research and will keep an eye on the asteroids if there are any such which may collide with earth. The asteroids can be identified even from very far distance.

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