WhatsApp to offer digital payments: Things you need to know

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You could soon make mobile payments via WhatsApp as the world is going forward towards digital payment system. Recently Samsung has introduced Samsung pay for making payments via smartphone. Now WhatsApp is also looking forward to walk in Samsung footprints. WhatsApp is always striving to capture as many as segments as it can. WhatsApp was introduced in 2009 as message and media sharing app.

But it evolved in the past eight years with extraordinary features as WhatsApp has updated its app with features like end to end encryption, voice calls, video calls and the latest status update with which the user can keep image or video like snapchat and Instagram. WhatsApp also increased the media file share limit to 30 which earlier was just 10. WhatsApp was founded by Acton and Jan Koum who were both employees of Yahoo.

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WhatsApp currently has 1.2 billion monthly users in all over the world and out of which 200 million users are from India alone. However Facebook has acquired WhatsApp in 2014 for unbelievable amount $19billion and this has shaken the entire tech world. In a recent interview given by one of the co-founder of WhatsApp, Acton stated that India is one of the top markets for WhatsApp. Acton visited India recently and stated several future plans of WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp will soon launch the digital payment services and Acton stated that in India there are many users who run’s businesses and there is no particular product which could help them easily with their customers. WhatsApp is now planning towards commercial messaging which would be helpful for business vendors. Acton also stated that after joining hands with Facebook, WhatsApp has received so much help, resources and investment which helped WhatsApp to introduce many new features.

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However WhatsApp is still in testing process on digital payments but it may take a while to enter into the digital payment market. Since WhatsApp had millions of users in India, it is not that hard to get the users as it has already got huge database of users. All it need to do is just updating the App by doing ground work  but WhatsApp is taking this aspect very prestigiously without any errors.

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