WhatsApp Group Admins can be Jailed, How and Why?

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Smartphone usage in India is growing rapidly like never before and almost every smartphone user has WhatsApp. We all know that WhatsApp is a free application to use and people are using the app beyond the boundaries. WhatsApp users are creating numerous groups and being admins to many groups in WhatsApp. WhatsApp admins and members are sharing unacceptable content in the groups.

But now you have to think twice before being a WhatsApp admin! If a member of your group misuses and shares fake news then admin and member who shared the content will be jailed for three to five years. The government has issued new orders on the usage of social media apps.

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If someone circulates fake news or any mis-leading content that damages people’s reputation and image then both the group admin and also the member who shared the content in the group will be jailed. Even if admins didn’t posted anything offensive but if the member posts something wrong then admin will also be responsible. So it is now the responsibility of group admins to eradicate any such fake news.

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Recently, Karnataka police has arrested a WhatsApp group admin and one of the members who posted morphed image of PM Narendra Modi with negative content. This was the first time ever police arresting a WhatsApp group admin and member in India. With this action the police clearly warned all the WhatsApp group admins and members. So think twice before becoming an admin and think thrice before adding someone to the group.

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