WhatsApp business chat tools to help businesses: Checkout more details

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Till now WhatsApp is used only for texting, calling and sharing of media files but in coming days you can also use it as a business tool. Yes, WhatsApp is now in plans of generating new revenue in the form of business tools. WhatsApp is having over a billion users across the world and it is offering free message and call services. After WhatsApp came into market, the traditional messages have been vanished completely.

WhatsApp always strive to improve its features and services to the users. Earlier WhatsApp introduced new status feature and WhatsApp is having everything that a perfect messenger app needs. WhatsApp didn’t planned any kind of business plan after it is acquired by the social media giant Facebook for a whopping $19billion. However WhatsApp is now making plans to enter in other segments.

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According to few sources, WhatsApp can offer you services regarding various enquire information via WhatsApp. There were also rumors regarding the WhatsApp payments. However WhatsApp is studying more on the aspect and the business people can send message alerts to their customers. Today almost every smartphone holder uses WhatsApp for various purposes.

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This feature is being developed by WhatsApp and the user can know certain necessary information to a bank regarding a payment issue or an airline regarding a flight delay or timings. Any new feature from WhatsApp is easier to reach the people as many people are using WhatsApp and it has got a wide user base. WhatsApp wants to generate revenue in this means as it is offering free service to the users.

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