WhatsApp money transfer; How to send money in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp money transfer

WhatsApp messenger is one of the most popular and widely used messenger app in the world. WhatsApp is having billions of users across the globe and in India everyone who has a smartphone has WhatsApp in it. In WhatsApp, we can send text messages, media files, docs and many more. Soon you can send money via whatsapp.

Yes, WhatsApp banking is coming soon and just like other apps, you can send and receive money from whatsapp. Users should accept terms and conditions policy of WhatsApp to use banking services of WhatApp. Wondering how to send money in WhatsApp? Well its very simple to use WhatsApp money transfer and you need to link your Aadhar card to WhatsApp. Just like how you send messages and media files, you can also send or receive money in WhatsApp.

The messenger app is having millions of users and it is hoping that many people will be benefited with this new feature in WhatsApp as everyone has a whasapp application in their smartphone.

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