WhatsApp 24-hours stories like Snapchat and Instagram

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WhatsApp will soon introduce a new feature of 24-hours stories in the WhatsApp. Snapchat and Instagram have already got huge craze with these features. In snapchat and Instagram, the users can post photos and videos to say how they were feeling. In whatsApp only a status in the form of text is available and we can add some smileys to our status in the whatsApp. But now you can also post a few-second video and also images as your status.

WhatsApp has more than a billion users in all over the world and is used for messaging and sharing of media files. Facebook also recently introduced a new feature to upload a few seconds video in the profile pic. But whatsApp only allows you to keep videos or photos only in the status option. But the drawback about this new feature is that the user can upload a video or image in status and it will be automatically deleted within 24 hours. In case if you are looking to keep a video or image for more than 1 day then you have upload it again.

But here is a bad news for Android users and good news for iOS users: this new feature will reach iOS users at first and then after few days or months, Android users can also avail this new feature from WhatsApp. Snapchat first introduced this feature in its app and then Instagram and Facebook followed the same. Now even whatsApp is following the same and introduced this new feature.

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Recently whatsApp has updated the app with two-step verification feature and also the user can find the friends location. WhatsApp is striving to improve the app in all ways as much as possible and it includes the increase in media share limit. In whatsApp you can share 30 media files at a time which was only 10 in the past. However the new 24-hour stories will drive more users and increase the user engagement like never before.

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