Watermill converts air into water: pure and Natural water

converts air into water

Can you drink air? It’s a quite stupid question, right! But what if I say that you can drink air? Yes, it is possible to drink air but not as it is. The new invention of watermill can convert natural air into water. Johathan Ritchey has invented the new watermill which can get water from just air. This watermill can generate water all by itself without any extra operations. All you need to do is just attaching this watermill to a wall.

With this new watermill you can get a liter of water at just 3 cents which is affordable by any class of family. This watermill can be of great use where there is no proper drinking water and areas where there is lack of fresh and purified water. This watermill will replace the bottled water and is suitable for families who want to drink an fesh and pure water.

The watermill is available at affordable price and is eco-friendly. Now there is no need to boil water to kill the bacteria in it, you can use watermill to drink purified water. This water generator converts air into water when the temperature of air gets saturated. At this point the water vapor is converted into water. It only generates water from air at right time without any mistakes.

Watermill which converts air into water: Natural water

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The best part about this watermill is that, it will warn you to replace the water filter when it becomes difficult to purify the water. The watermill will shut down automatically when it cannot convert purified water. So there is no chance of drinking unpurified water. This is really a smart invention from Ritchey as this watermill will be helpful in the poor countries where there is huge requirement of pure drinking water. Every year many people at darker places in the world die due to lack of good drinking water.

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