Want to increase sperm count? Eat these foods to increase your sperm count

increase sperm count naturally

A good sperm count is what every man needs and in case if you are having trouble with sperm count, then this article is for you. People suggest that taking capsules will increase your sperm count, but is it safe? Is it natural, of course it aint natural because they are made with artificial chemicals and who knows about the side effects with the capsules! But do not worry; there are natural ways to improve sperm count.

You can increase sperm count naturally with certain foods which helps you to increase sperm count. Why to have artificial capsules when you can increase sperm count with natural foods? These foods have no side effects and are proven to be powerful foods to improve sperm count. Here are few foods to increase sperm count naturally.


drinking water benfits

Yes, drinking water will help you to increase sperm count! Sounds weird right, but it’s true that water really helps in this aspect. Water has many health benefits and functioning of almost every organ in your body depends on water. Water can increase the sperm count and can improve the functioning of sperms in a great way. Dr. Mike says that people who drink less water ha low sperm count. So drink as much as water as you can.


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Eggs are great for increasing calcium levels and can also boost sperm levels. Eggs have rich levels of Vitamin E which helps in preventing the tissue degeneration. Eggs contain abundant antioxidants which protect the cells and also neutralize free radicals. It also promotes fertility in your body.



Spinach is a great food that provides massive strength to your body. The body builders take spinach to increase stamina while doing workouts at gym. Spinach contains folic acid which can increase the sperm count. In case if you have weak sperms, then folic acid can strengthen your sperms. It also improves the mobility of the sperms. People who stay away from meat can have spinach for more strength and to increase stamina.


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Banana is a common fruit which is available in all seasons and provides large amount of energy and also regenerates the lost energy. An enzyme called bromelain which impacts sex hormones is available in bananas. Banana has many vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin B1and these vitamins help in improving the sperm count and also balances your stamina in sperm count.


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Garlic is a common ingredient used in many recipes and it has more than a dozen health benefits. The allicin which is present in garlic can improve the blood circulation in the entire body. This component will also improve blood circulation in genitals which leads to strong sperm count. The vitamin B6 and selenium in garlic will prevent the sperms from damaging. Garlic is also good for heart and improves the functioning of heart.

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