Wannacry attack stopper Marcus Hutchins arrested: Reasons

Wannacry attack stopper Marcus Hutchins arrested

Remember ‘Wannacry’ cyber attack few months back? Wannacry attack has shaken the world as hackers pushed the digital world into jeopardy. UK security researcher Marcus Hutchins was the hero who stopped wannacry attack. But now the Wannacry attack stopper Marcus Hutchins arrested in US as there were allegations on him for hacking.

The federal authorities in Wisconsin have taken Marcus Hutchins into custody. He was accused of creating malware to attack banks in US. The US justice department announced that  Marcus Hutchins or popularly known as ‘Malwaretech’ was arrested in Las Vegas, US.  Marcus Hutchins was a hero as he stopped wannacry attack which was shaking the world by locking away digital devices and demanding for ransom.

Marcus Hutchins has triggered a kill switch to the wannacry attack and he became hero at that time. BUt now, he became accused from hero. Another security researcher who worked with Marcus Hutchins during the wannacry attack said ” Marcus Hutchins spent his career stopping malware, not writing it and I don’t believe the allegations on him”.

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