Waitress fails to recognize Irish PM Leo; Weird Incident

Waitress fails to recognize Irish Prime Minister Leo

A waitress in Chicago failed to recognize Ireland Prime MInister Leo Varadkar. Emma Kelly is a student who is doing a part-time job in Chicago on visa is working as a waitress. Ireland prime Minister, Leo Varadkar faced an weird incident when he visited a hotel. Waitress fails to recognize Irish PM Leo and this is the hot news in social media.

Emma Kelly made Irish Prime Minister to wait for 20-minutes and then walks him to a tiny table after asking if he is an Irish man. Ireland PM Leo Varadkar looks half Irish and half Indian and the waitress Emma asked him if he is Irish. Emma later apologized after pointing out her mistake by her friend  saying that he is the Prime Minister of Ireland.

Waitress fails to recognize Irish Prime Minister Leo

Emma said sorry to Irish PM who is the first ever gay PM for Ireland. Emma Kelly posted in twitter about this weird incident. However, Irish PM Leo Varadkar didn’t took it seriously and re-tweeted Emma saying “Thanks Emma, the food and service was great and enjoy your rest of J1”.

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