Volkswagen e-Golf 2017 model gets double boost range of 125 miles

Volkswagen 2017

The Volkswagen e-Golf got an extra boost by increasing its range to 125 miles. The e-Golf is the best electric car from Volkswagen and this time it got even better. Volkswagen has updated the old e-Golf model and released a new e-golf with updated features. The electric cars are gaining popularity in the automobile market and are expanding its share in the industry rapidly. These electric cars are pretty amazing as they run with electric charge instead of petrol and fuel.

Volkswagen has now updated the engine as the new e-golf gets an EPA rating of 125 miles for just a single charge. That means the Volkswagen e-golf runs for 125miles by a single charge and earlier it has run only 83 miles on a single charge. This is a massive change in the Volkswagen e-Golf as it went from 83 miles to 125 miles and this is really a brilliant work from the Volkswagen engineers.

Volkswagen e-Golf 2017

However the designs of e-golf remained constant as only the battery was updated and this made the work easier for the Volkswagen team. The increase in the range of e-golf is really an advantage for the customers as with a single charge they can now cover a vast distance. Earlier they were restricted for just 83 miles but now they can travel up to 125 miles with a single charge.

new 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf

The customers can travel more distance on a regular work basis and there is no need of charging the car at middle of their journey. This increase of range will gain more consumers as they can travel more distance when compared to the old model. The technology which is used in the dashboard and other features are just like normal cars which would be comfortable for the new electronic vehicle buyers.


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The automobile companies are concentrating on the electric vehicles as the future trend is changing towards the fuel less vehicles. Electric cars will also be a great advantage in terms of protecting environment as the electric vehicles will not produce any kind of emission. However the Chevy Bolt is the top and one of the best electric vehicles in the industry.

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