Volkswagen 2018 Arteon with revised specifications and price: Added special features


Here comes the all-new Volkswagen Arteon 2018 model with some revised features which are too classy by Volkswagen. These new features will be an added advantage for the Arteon sales in all over the world. The new Volkswagen Arteon would be a perfect CC Sedan and will be showcased in the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. Volkswagen has completely redesigned the Arteon Sedan and has given a new and perfect sedan look.

Just like Toyota updated its sedan models like Kia and Camry, Volkswagen is also doing the same in updating its sedan Arteon. Volkswagen has redesigned the sedan with updated roof and solid body design. This new updated Arteon will hit the roads first in Germany as a 2018 model. The new Volkswagen Arteon will replace the existing high end sedans of Volkswagen, CC and Passat.

Volkswagen 2018 cars

Volkswagen has taken necessary precautions in producing the new Arteon according the rules and regulations of various governments and at the same time it also kept consumers taste in mind. Volkswagen is striving hard to grab the sedan market as the demand towards sedan model were increasing on a fast pace and it is trying it best to come out of the Volkswagen emissions scandal. This has brought down the Volkswagen reputation to a great extent and has got many negative reviews.

Volkswagen Arteon

Volkswagen is all set to answer the critics with its new Arteon sedan model. The Wolfsburg designers and engineers have done their level best to give a magnificent look and features to the new Arteon 2018 model. The new Arteon has extended in length and height. The new Arteon has bigger dimensions than the CC model of Volkswagen. The wheel base of Arteon was also improved than CC.

Volkswagen 2018 Arteon

The cargo deck has a wider space of 20 cubic-feet and this new Arteon is really a beast in Sedan models. The 2018 Arteon has a powerful 6-turbocharged with direct injection engines which is really superb from Volkswagen. It offers three different engines which are completely gas powered. Arteon comes with 1.5 liter-engine that features a 6-speed gearbox which can produce 148hp and a 2.0 liter engine with 7-speed transmission.

Along with gas powered engines, Arteon is also available in diesel variants. The three different 2.0 diesel engines can produce 148, 188 and 236 horse powers respectively. Arteon is enabled with Volkswagen’s 4 motion all-wheel-drive system. It features a 9.2-inch display screen in the front cabin and the price range of new Arteon may stick around CC model price. The current CC price is $35,000.

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However the official release date is not yet announced by Volkswagen but rumors say that it may hit roads on any time by June. More details and price of the new Arteon may be revealed at the motor show. Stay tuned to for more updates.

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