Volcanoes on red planet, Mars: Scientists have proof and here it is

planet, Mars

There are many volcanoes on our planet, Earth. But did you know that there are active volcanoes on the red planet mars? The scientists reveal that there are signs of volcanoes on Mars too. The scientists prove that there are volcanoes on Mars for over 2 billion years. Recently scientists have analyzed the meteorite which was released from Mars and they came to know that the longest-lived active volcano may be existed on planet Mars.

The lava flown in Mars has created certain lava plains just like the Hawaiian Islands. The largest volcano on Earth is Olympus Mons which is almost 27.4 kilometers in height. This new study will reveal the existence volcanic activities on Mars. The meteorites which are found on earth earlier revealed many unknown things of the red planet, Mars. These rocks are formed from the lava on the Mars.

More research is being done on these meteorites to study many aspects about the meteorite like how long it was on earth, how long it travelled in space and also the age of the meteorite. The scientists are using very advanced technology to find out these aspects about the meteorite. Scientists have raised many assumptions of this mystery meteorite.


According to the scientists, million years ago a huge asteroid clashed with mars and during this collision volcano has formed on Mars as the impact was too strong. In this process few rocks were separated from it after the impact and ejected into outer space. These rocks have entered the earth’s orbit and fallen on earth as meteorite. This meteorite fell on earth in the year 2012 and was named as North West Africa 7635.

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There are other meteorites with similar equations and compositions and the scientists believe that they belong to a single volcano which existed in the red planet Mars. The meteorite which was being analyzed by the scientists seem to be 2.4 billion years old. This is the part of longest-lived volcano in the entire solar system.

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