Vijay Mallya Shocker to Indian Cricketers in England

Vijay Mallya in ind vs pak match

Vijay Mallya who is hiding in UK gave a big shock to Indian cricketers in England. Team India is currently in UK for ICC champion’s trophy. Recently, Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli arranged a charity dinner for cricketers and few other people. This was done to raise funds for people who got affected by trafficking.

We all know that Vijay Mallya flew to India after announcing arrest warrant on him. Indian government was trying hard to bring Vijay mallya back to India. Vijay mallya is a fraudster who owes Rs 9000 crore to Indian banks. Recently, in India vs Pakistan match Vijay mallya was spotted in the stadium viewing the match and everyone were shocked by seeing him.

Vijay Mallya latest pics

Sunil Gavaskar had a conversation with Vijay mallya and led for controversies. Interestingly, Vijay Mallya also attended the party arranged by Virat Kohli. But none of the Indian cricketer spoked with him and they showed a bit hesitation to speak with Vijay mallya. The Indian cricketers were shocked by seeing Vijay Mallya in the event.

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Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar also attended the event. However, no one knows who invited Vijay Mallya for the charity dinner arranged by Virat Kohli. But there were few rumrs that Virat Kohli itself invited Vijay Mallya as Virat plays for RCB in IPL and the team was owned by Vijay Mallya. But there were no official confirmations on this aspect.

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