Why do vehicle indictors blink in orange color


Every vehicle has indicator bulbs for indicating side change of the vehicle. These indicators are used to reduce the collision of vehicles. The indicators are turned on when a driver wants to take a side change, change lanes, turning left or right, while reversing vehicle and in parking.

But all the vehicles use only a single color for indicators. That is Amber color indicators; many people think it as an orange color. Indicators actually blink in Amber color not in orange.


There is a reason why only amber colored indicators are used in vehicles across the world. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) amber color indicators are more effective than other color indicators.

Amber color indicators have more visibility in any time than other colors. By using Amber color in indicators, it reduces almost 5.6% of accidents. Using Amber color indicators are much safer than using other colors.

Amber color indicators

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