Varun Dhawan response on Badrinath Ki Dulhania molestation scene

Badrinath Ki Dulhania full movie

Varun Dhawan’s latest film ‘Badrinath ki Dulhania’ is getting a good response from the audience. The film is moving towards 100-crores club. However the actor is being criticized for acting in a molestation scene in the film. Few critics were commenting on him in social media and were opposing the molestation scene in ‘Badrinath ki Dulhania’ movie.

Since the movie was released critics started commenting on Varun Dhawan and finally the actor has opened up and took a stand to respond on the controversies. Varun Dhawan said “If just two people didn’t like the movie out of 10 people then that doesn’t matter. If they think like that in their opinion then I can’t do anything and its fine for me. The scene was portrayed as a funny scene which shows the ego of Badri’s ego in the movie and nothing more than that.”

Varun Dhawan response on Badrinath Ki Dulhania molestation scene

“In 3 Idiots film, a scene made fun of word ‘balatkar’ (rape) where a character in the movie gets confused of it. But at that time no one offended and all the scenes in the film were created for fun. There was no intention to hurt anyone’s sentiments or feelings and in case if we do so unknowingly, we apologise”. These statements of Varun Dhawan have cooled down the critics and he kept an end for all the controversies regarding the film.

“I think if someone is born into industry then that makes easier access to the industry and I never denied it. But getting entry in to industry is no big thing but staying in the industry is a big deal and no one can help you with that. It’s your talent, dedication and hard work which sustains you. No one will pour money on you just because you are having a filmy background. Film industry is nobody’s birthright. Anyone who possesses talent can be in the industry”.

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He 29 year old actor is currently acting in a film which was being directed by his father David Dhawan and the film is titled as ‘Judwaa 2’. Varun Dhawan also signed for another movie with Shoojit Sircar but the movie is still untitled. Stay tuned to for more updates.

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