Vani Rani serial actress Navya Swamy photos, bio

Vani Rani serial actress Navya Swamy unseen hot

Navya Swamy is one of the famous small screen actresses and has a good fan following in both Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Navya swamy also appeared in few movies in a guest role. However Navya swamy acted in few serials, she got good fame and popularity with the famous serial, ‘vani Rani’. Radhika Sharath kumar is also playing a lead role.

Navya swamy also acted in “Na Peru meenakshi’ serial. Pooja navya swamy was seen in a bold and hot character in the serial. She proved that even serial actresses are no less than film heroines. Na peru meenakshi serial showcased navya swamy in a extraordinary way and the serial has set a new trend.

Vani Rani serial actress unseen photos

Who would think that a small screen actress would be hot and spicy! With Na Peru Meenakshi serial Navya swamy proved that she is ready to do any kind of roles. Inspite being a serial actress, navya swamy has gained massive followers. Navya swamy is the top serial actress with good number of fans and everyone knows her name who watches serials.

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Navya swamy is the small screen beauty and she always taunts audience with her cute looks and appearance. Navya Swamy’s role in ‘Na Peru meenakshi’ is kind of spicy and bold. She has shocked everyone with her hot and sexy appearance. Here are few rare and unseen images of navya swamy.

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