uTorrent can be soon accessed in your web browser: How


uTorrent is the favorite buddy for millions of people around the world. The torrent site provides various pirated movies to its users. Recently there were many allegations that torrent sites may soon get banned in the web searches. From many years, uTorrents is providing hundreds and thousands of movies in its software.

However the users should install a separate uTorrent browser in their system to get movies. But now you can get movies directly from your current browser. For example, you can download movies from your Google Chrome browser. Bram Cohen, BitTorrent founder said that “Users will not have to install any separate software for watching movies. They can get movies directly from their default browser”.

This new edition of uTorrent will deliver better experience than before and even the video-streaming performance in also improved to great extent. However it was stated that after getting accurate feedback from the audience this new version will be widely released to all parts of the world. Because there are also chances for having negative impact with this new change.

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This new version is really good news for torrent lovers and at the same time it is bit frightening for film makers who are having clashes with several torrent sites in online. uTorrent has made the piracy movies a lot easier than earlier and the torrent lovers will love this massive modification from the uTorrent.

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