Why using newspaper to blot oil from fried foods is harmful

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Are you using newspapers to remove the oil from fried foods? If yes, then you are making a terrible mistake! People normally use newspapers to get rid of oil from deep-fried foods as they do not want to consume excess oil to stay healthy but they are not realizing that they are affecting their health in pretty bad way. You should only use newspapers for reading the news and nothing more than that.

Using newspaper to wrap the food to reduce the oil is harmful to your health as the chemical solvents which are present in the newspaper will get transmitted into food. The newspaper is made with very cheap quality chemicals and is harmful for your health. Here we have listed few health problems which arise due to wrapping food in newspapers.

Will affect kidneys and lungs:

The printed newspapers will have lot of graphite in it and when the food is wrapped up in the newspapers the graphite is shifted to the food. Graphite will not get out of the body easily and it damages kidneys and lungs. The human waste which is eliminated by urine and faeces cannot remove the graphite from your body.

Risk of getting cancer

The newspapers are printed with a specific ink and when we keep food to eliminate oil in it, the graphite from the newspapers is transferred into the food. This chemical solvent will lead to several health problems which includes even cancer.

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What is the solution for this?

Wondering how to remove oil from fried foods? Well, newspaper is not the only source to avoid oil from the foods. You can use tissue papers and other plain sheets which are not printed with anything.  You can also use paper towels to get rid of oil from foods and these methods are not harmful to your health.

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