She used the teaspoon trick to reduce her weight to half and became a model now

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Got shocked by seeing the pic? This is the story of Mathilde Broberg from Denmark. It all started three years ago when she was very fat and couldn’t even fit in a roller coaster. She was not allowed to ride in a roller coaster and was very embarrassed in front of everyone. She was weighted a heavy 266 pounds as she consumed 3,500 calories per day. Broberg used to eat lot of junk food starting from chocolates, cakes, chip, burgers and many more. Her daily intake of calories from the meals was more than 3,500 calories which made her too fatty.

Broberg meal can be taken by two people, that was the quantity of her meal.  She then decided to get a change and it is not a small change. It changed her entire life and she became a model now which she never imagined would be possible. But she made all the possibilities and cut half of her weight. But for this she struggled a lot as she didn’t get thin that easily. She stopped eating all the junk food and started following the teaspoon trick. Yes, she took food in teaspoons which is the main reason in her success.

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After several efforts Broberg have reduced her weight around 120 pounds. She reduced 120 pounds of weight from 266 pounds of weight. Now she became a famous model and trainer as she has a great fan following in social media. She runs a fitness gym and also trains people in getting fit and people are showing much interest to get trained with her as she faced all the efforts in reducing weight by herself.

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But the only problem faced by Broberg in this process was the heavy skin. She lost the fat but she coudnt get rid of the skin. The skin which was there when she was fat remained as it is even though she got thin. But after all odds she has gone for a tummy tuck surgery to get rid of the extra skin for $7000.  After the surgery the results were astonishing as she got a sexy look.

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These pictures show how she transformed from fat to fit. She has set a perfect example for everyone who wants to change. All you need is confidence and will to get change. In her recent interview she said that “I would have laughed on face if someone said me to become a model and a fitness trainer”. Broberg never thought that she would experience such a great life as a model and fitness trainer.

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