Use these tricks to kick your smartphone to run faster

boost speed of your smart phone

Today more than half of the people on this planet are using smartphones. There are many apps and features in the smartphone and sometimes it gets slow or it will always be slow. We get frustration when our smartphones works very slowly during crucial situations. Everyone wants a fast working smartphone but many people think that mobiles will work faster only if the RAM is good. Even if you have a good RAM, few mistakes and features will reduce the speed anyway.

There may be many aspects which leads to slowing down of your smartphone like storage space may be limited or bugs may be increased in your mobile or if any viruses had occurred. Do not worry now, you can make your phone work faster and increase the performance of your phone and it’s all for free. You just need to follow some tricks to make your phone work better like never before!

  1. Uninstall them

speed your device

Uninstalling the unused and junk apps is the first step in making your phone work faster. As many as apps you install, they will slow down your mobile eventually. For example if an app is only 40MB in size when you download it from play store, after installation the size of the app will be increased. Too many apps will slow down your mobile to a great extent. So install only the apps which are required.

  1. Be updated

boost your mobile ram

Android will release software updates in particular times. So check whether your phone is updated or not and if your phone is not updated then update your phone. You can find if there is any update for your phone in settings< about phone< system update and check if there is an update. It’s very important that you update your mobile as the new update contains various features which may increase the performance of the device.

  1. Clean and neat

clear cache

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Always keep your home screen clean and neat, don’t fill it up with widgets and apps. Keep only the most required apps or widgets on the home screen. Avoid using live wallpaper as it consumes your battery fast and will slow down your device. Use general wallpaper on the home screen.

  1. Clear Cache

tips to run your handset fast

With the help of cache data the apps can start quickly and can improve your experience while using the app. But cache data will slow down your mobile. So clear cache data now and then. You can clear cache in the settings option. Clearing cache will increase the speed of your phone.

  1. Install a “servant”

boost your ram speed

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In our house we will use a servant for various works like cleaning the house and others. In the same way as you keep your house clean you should also keep your mobile clean. So to clean your phone install a servant in your phone which helps you to clear cache memory, boost phone performance, saving battery and protecting your device from viruses. Choose any one app from the play store and don’t install too many cleaning apps.

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