How to use Apple Siri for WhatsApp text messages

apple siri

WhatsApp always strive to bring something new in its chatting app. WhatsApp ensures that its users get great experience while using the app and this is the main reason for having millions of subscribers around the world. WhatsApp made messaging and sharing of files a lot easier than before. WhatsApp is always easy to use and its users spend lot of time on texting and sharing media files in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature exclusively for iOS users and it is pretty awesome. WhatsApp is now integrated with Apple’s voice assistant Siri. Siri is already having the feature of reading out general text messages and other hand functions. But now it is coupled even with WhatsApp application and made WhatsApp usage more feasible.

You can send WhatsApp messages just by saying it to Siri and it will look after everything. Got bored are feeling lazy to text entire message? Then use Siri to type and send text messages. You can also make siri to read out the WhatsApp messages. These new features are available in the latest WhatsApp update for iOS users. You need to have V 2.17.20 to avail these functions.

The latest update is of 88.8MB and is heavy in size when compared to previous updates. However Apple’s siri integration with WhatsApp doesn’t happen by itself and you need to allow siri to access WhatsApp. Go to settings> Siri> App support> turn on WhatsApp.

Apple siri

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Along with this new siri update in WhatsApp, new appearance of call tabs, contact info and group info screens are added. Meanwhile, WhatsApp has finally added its support for Persian language. The messaging app has gone to next level with these minor updates.

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