US Admiral Swift Nuclear Strike on China: There’s more!

US on Nuclear Strike on China

IsĀ US Nuclear Strike on China? US Admiral sensational comments shocked many people around the world. US Admiral Swift Nuclear Strike on China comments has created a sensation in world media. US admiral said that he will go for nuclear strike on China if President Donald Trump orders for. US navy admiral attended a press meet in Australia and when he was asked that if we would go for nuclear strike on China if Donald Trump says to?

US Admiral Swift Nuclear Strike on China statement led to various controversies. Admiral Swift answered, ‘Yes’! “US military has sworn oath to protect the country from enemies of both foreign and domestic as well. US military has to follow the orders of chiefs and president Donald Trump. If he ordered an nuclear strike on China then I would do so”. Although, China also has nuclear weapons but it is having less numbers when compared to US and Russia.

After, election of Donald Trump as President of United states of America many issues have risen up. Pentagon analysts are giving heads up for Trump and they rigorously analyzing the possible threats for US. The comments of Scott Swift has created quite a sensation and there is no comments or response from Chinese officials.

US and Australia are strengthening navy fleet in Indo-pacific waters to control the dominance of China in Indian ocean. US and India has strengthen up their defense relationship as India is having threats from neighborhood countries like Pakistan and China. Indian can defeat Pakistan easily but when it comes to China, India will be needing help from US or Russia.

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