Ubuntu shifts to GNOME desktop and disappoints smartphones users

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Earlier Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth has announced that Ubuntu Linux will stop investing in Unity8. From many years Ubuntu has been the cloud power and it always strive build its era in Internet of Things (IOT). Canonical has worked very hard and it has put lot of effort for unity interface for PCs, smartphones and tablets.

Unity will now stop its services to Unity8 interface and will start working for GNOME desktop and the company is also planning for Ubuntu 18.04 release by next year. However this is big blow for Unity developers as they have relied on Unity for a long time.

Ubuntu shifts to GNOME

Shuttleworth declared that their main priority is with desktops than the smartphones. The main reason behind this is, huge demand for Ubuntu laptops. Many PC makers like Dell, HP and few other PC manufacturers are investing more in Ubuntu laptops.

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Canonical will now concentrate on Ubuntu and the company is striving pretty hard for innovating new products and technology. However Canonical has taken crucial decision but this might help Canonical in achieving its goals in coming future. This is really a big surprise from Canonical and it takes some time to digest this news.

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