Uber avoided risk of getting out of Apple’s App store: why

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Uber is one of the world’s largest taxi service providers. Millions of people aroud the world use Uber to travel to various locations easily and comfortably. To book an Uber cab, one needs to install Uber app in their smartphones. Uber app will track the user locations when they use Uber application in their smartphone. However Uber faced certain safety issues for iPhone users.

Back in 2015, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook became serious about this issue and called Uber CEO Travis kalanick for a meeting. Tim Cook warned Uber CEO for violating Apple’s guidelines and tracking the locations of iPhone users. Tim Cook said that Apple will remove Uber app from the App store. In the meeting Tim Cook said “I’ve come to know that you are violating our rules” to Uber CEO.

This safety issue caused certain problems as it was reported that the Uber app is still locating user location even after deleting the app from the phone. When iPhones were stolen, fraudsters are using this wrongly. Tim Cook warned Uber CEO that they have to withdraw ceratin actions and should follow all the Apple guidelines or else the Uber app might get out of Apple’s App store.

Uber has compromised with Apple and started working on certain flaws in their app as getting out of Apple’s App store is a huge loss for Uber and of course to their revenue too. There are many iPhone users who are using Uber in their devices and to protect the Uber App users, Uber has taken certain steps.

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However in the recent times Uber is facing various issues starting from #DeleteUber movement in the United States and it is also undergoing lawsuit from Waymo, self-driving car unit of Google. Waymo claimed that Uber has stolen certain intellectual property.

Uber avoided risk of getting out of Apple’s App store: why?
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Uber avoided risk of getting out of Apple’s App store: why?
Uber almost got out of Apple's App store. Uber flaws and loop holes made the app in iPhones vulnerable and was risky. Apple CEO Tim Cook warned Uber CEO Travis Kalanick about removing Uber app from Apple's App store. Checkout what's wrong with Uber app in iphones.
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