TVS Motors is the second best scooter seller in India, overtakes hero Corp

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The Chennai TVS Motor Company has ranked up in the April-February period. TVS has emerged as second largest scooter seller in India and has overtaken Hero corp for the first time ever. According to SIAM reports, TVS company has sold over 7,43,838 units in the period of April-February. TVS has witnessed over 5.07% growth in its sales when compared to previous period.

Hero MotoCorp sales have been reduced by 1.64%. Hero has sold 7,19,987 scooters in the period while it sold 7,31,967 units in the last year period. Hero has a seen a slight downfall in its sales which made it to lose its second position in the scooters market. TVS now became the second largest scooter seller in the country.

However the king of scooters is still Honda who is enjoying its first position in the market. Honda has sold massive 29,34,794 units with a growth of 15.32%. In the last year period, Honda has sold 25,44,872 units of scooters which is now increased even better. No other company in India is nearer to Honda and it takes ages for someone to beat Honda’s sales in scooter.

Honda Motorcycle and scooter India (HMSI) scooters are having a good brand image and craze in the market. However Honda’s Activa is the best-selling model of Honda. Honda has sold over 2,17,098 in February while TVS Jupiter sold 51,817 units. The third largest scooter seller is Hero with Hero Maestro selling 32,421 units.

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The fourth leader is Yamaha which has increased its sales by 37.4 % which is really impressive. The fifth largest scooter seller is Suzuki with 22.28% growth in its sales. Both the fourth and fifth positions belong to the Japanese rivals. Overall 11.7% growth was seen in the entire scooters sales in April-February period.

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