Trump made a call to Indian PM Narendra Modi again: Phone talks

Donald trump with modi

United States new president Donald Trump has made a call to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi last night. This was the second time both the leaders speaking in phone. Few reports reveal that the leaders may get a close meeting in a short while. Donald Trump congratulated Narendra Modi for his huge success in the UP and few other state elections.

Donald Trump said that “India is a true friend and we will work together with India in facing various critical challenges around the world”. Donald Trump and Narendra Modi have invited each of them to their respective capitals. A personal meeting would be soon held either in US or in India. However after winning the US elections, Trump hasn’t visited any other country till now.

Narendra Modi with Donald Trump

When Trump has won the US elections, Modi has congratulated trump for his victory in the US presidential elections. Back in January Trump called Modi and spoken via telephone and discussed about various aspects including the security situation in Central Asia and South Asia.

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Modi is one of the top leaders who congratulated Donald Trump within few hours after his victory in the US elections. Later Trump has made a call to Modi after four days of taking oath as US president. Both the nations are eagerly waiting for a personal meet of the leaders which could solve the current critical situations. Hate is being evolved in US as the Indians are being attacked in the United States.

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