Train Travelling is the best than anything, Why?

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If you didn’t travel in train till now then you are missing a wonderful experience in your life. There is no best mode of travelling other than train. Travelling by train always gives you refreshing experience and it also gives loads of fun and entertainment. There are many reasons why you need to travel in train at least once in your life. Here are the best experiences which we get only by travelling in train.

Happy Sleep

In case if you travel in a bus or flight then you must keep sitting for your complete journey. But in train you can sleep, sit, relax and you can do whatever you want. You won’t even get any sort of back pain as you can lay back and sleep in train.

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Cheap price Travelling

There is no other mode of travelling which takes us to our required destinations with a cheap price. You can see the difference between train tickets price, bus tickets or even flight tickets. If you are aware that you are going to have a long journey then you better get reservation few days or weeks before. Train travelling will also save your money a lot with which you can spend while shopping.

Masti with friends

When you go for an outing with friends then train is the best thing which gives you loads of joy and fun. You can play, chit-chat, sing and you can do many more in a train compartment.

Varieties of Foodies

In no other mode of transport, you will get this range of different street foods. Samosas, pallis, soft drinks, foods and many others. Its ok if you eat street foods occasionally and these foods will give lot of enjoyment than eating food in a 5-star hotel.

Walk as you wish

If you are travelling in a bus, then you have sit like a statue in your seat. But in train you can roam to other compartments too and stand or sit nearby door and enjoy the fresh air and passing trees. But be careful when you sit or stand at train doors.

Meet new people

In train we can meet many new people and improve knowledge or relationships.


This is the best thing in train. If you travel in a bus then you have to wait till next stop comes to go for a washroom or sometimes you have to wait even until your stop comes as the bus driver will not stop the bus for each and every one. But in train, there’s no one to stop you as you will have four washrooms for every compartment.

Window seat

Window seat in a train is the best thing as you can lean nearby window and you can go beyond your dreams and imaginations.

Train safety

Train will take you safely to your destinations. Of course, if our fate is not good then no one can help us as any mode transport might get into accidents. Be it bus, a train or a flight. But trains have very low rate of accidents compared to other transport modes.

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