The traditional Indian cricket Gilli Danda


Gilli danda is one of the Indian traditional games where everyone stopped playing this fun game. According to the history, this game was evolved 2500 years ago. Not only in ruler areas but also in villages we are missing this wonderful game. We know that by hearing the name of this beautiful game will definitely bring smile on your lips and beautiful memories in your eyes for the 80’s and 90’s children because we are the last generation to play this game. Due to the changes in our life style and generations made this game to extinct. It’s time to go back and start playing this wonderful game.

Here are the rules and regulation of Gilli Danda for those who don’t know how to play this amazing old Indian style cricket. Here we go!!

To play this beautiful game we need two wooden sticks called Gilli and Danda. Gilli is a small 3 to 4 inch stick which is tapered on both the ends and Danda is 2 feet long stick which tapered at one end.


To play this game we have to dig an oval shaped hole in the ground and place the gilli across the hole and lob the gilli in to air using danda .if the fielder catches the gilli then you are out. If the gilli lands safely on ground then distance between the gilli and the hole are measured with the help of danda. One danda is equal to one run. Whoever scores more than they are declared as winners.


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